If you are a Third-Party Online Ordering Systems (TOOS) provider and you want to auto-print in the kitchen, then Zoai is the partner you need. We will connect your service to any POS provider, making a seamless connection for the restaurant.

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Connect with Restaurants & Food Operators

It is critical for businesses to be able to connect TOOS directly to their POS to reduce human errors and increase efficiency. Zoai allows seamless integration with POS and your Online Order System.


Acquire New Restaurants & Clients

Zoai creates an overview page of each TOOS where each client can request for registration directly. Zoai reduces the cost of acquisition of new clients for TOOS.


Connect to All POS in one-go

Zoai keeps all the API docs up-to-date to ensure that POS and the Clients have the latest docs. This reduces the cost of informing the clients of each update for TOOS.


Why Integrate with ZoAi?

From a restaurant's or POS point of view, it is difficult to integrate and always keep the integrations up-to-date for each TOOS. Zoai bridges this gap, and allow a single dashboard / integration for them to perform all their functions. This not only allows them to concentrate on increasing their business (which increases TOOS's business) but also allow them to use the latest services provided by each TOOS.

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