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Increase Productivity

Have multiple windows open from each aggregator at the same time? Remove all the clutter and control all your orders from one dasboard.


All the Feedbacks in one Place

Going through each outlet to see the feedback individually? See all the feedback in one place and see what your customers are saying.


Real-time Product Control

Mark your product on or off on all platforms directly from the dashboard: Save time and avoid unhappy customers at the same time!


Analyse all your data from one place

See how your business is doing realtime, compare it with previous period, what your customers are saying, which items are performing better than others. With a dedicated mobile dashboard, tracking your business performance is easier than ever.

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Our single / simple introductory plan allows you to enjoy all the premium features with Single Standard Monthly Fees.

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Premium Plan

₹499 / month
  • All in One Dashboard
  • Order, Source & Feedback Analytics
  • Instant Stock in/out Across Platforms
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Frequently asked questions

Drop us a word (shubham@zoai.in) if your questions isn't listed here. Well get back to you within 48 hours.

What exactly is The Link?

It takes all your orders from your existing dashboards provided by aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy and displays it in one dashboard so you don't have to keep switching through windows. It also provides insights into how your business is performing, saving you a lot of time. It is also connected to our POS (POSIFY) so that the order is recorded directly on to your billing system, saving you time by removing double entry of orders.

What all aggregators can I connect The Link with?

You can currently connect Swiggy, Zomato and Ubereats in The Link application. We're working on a lot more, and would be interested to know which applications you would like us to connect with.

I own a restaurant, how can it help my business?

Yes! First, all your delivery orders can directly come on to The Link, which will already save you a lot of time and increase productivity (it ensures that no orders are forgotten until they are properly dispatched and settled). You can also use Posify, which is our lighting fast cloud based POS at just Rs.499 per month as a bundle, which can handle all your offline orders (including table seating and Kitchen Display System).

Does the cost change depending on the amount of orders?

No, we have a flat cost model, where you pay a fixed fee per outlet every month so that you can concentrate on the business operations while scaling and not worry about the cost :)

Can you help me integrate this with my existing POS?

Sure, we do custom integrations all the time(additional cost apply). Get in touch with us at varun@zoai.in and we will be glad to help.